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The current page enables you to find out more about the Estonian folk music, zither player Sander Karu (Kandlemees Sander) and zither group (ensemble) Simmaniduo (founded in 1983) a.

Sander Karu is an Estonian folk musician - zitherist (Estonian kannel, Estonian zither is a 55-stringed folk music instrument, which allows to play the melody and accompany it with chords at the same time, est kannel, rahvakannel).  Many Sander Karu´s zither melodies have been recorded by Estonian Radio.
In May 2017 he released his new LP (vinyl record) "Kandlemuusika ja rahvalikud laulud simmanile".
In 2016 he released his new solo album (CD) "Kandlemuusika kogu perele". In 2014 he released solo album "1 kannel ja rahvalikud laulud". In 2011, he released his solo album "Kandlemees Sander Karu kandlelood" and also "Tule Simmanile" together with an Estonian folk group Simmaniduo.  Sander Karu's well-known songs are a good example of Estonian contemporary folk music.See Sander Karu's songs notes and texts

During the 30 years Simmaniduo has played its own creation and also original Estonian and international folk music. Its creation combines the sound of Estonian folk music instrument zither (est kannel) with contemporary sound. Simmaniduo performes at both public events as well as weddings and birthday parties. Members of Simmaniduo have presented its music outside Estonia in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Vietnam

Band members:
Sander Karu - Estonian zither (Estonia rahvakannel), vocal, rythm machine
Märt Toom - bass, vocal

"Kandlemees Sander - Elva männid" (music and words Sander Karu, 2016) (song of Sander*s birth town Elva) 

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