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Tartu city, Estonia, Europa

Best gift to You and to Your friends - Simmaniduo´s and kannel-player (zitherist) Sander Karu`s CD-s and vinyl record (LP)! Buy CD or cassette!

  • NEW vinyl record (LP) in May 2017! Kandlemees Sander "Kandlemuusika ja rahvalikud laulud simmanile" See more information
  • NEW album in June 2016! Kandlemees Sander "Kandlemuusika kogu perele". See more information
  • CD 2014: Kandlemees Sander CD "1 kannel ja rahvalikud laulud" (2014). Special price 8,99 €*, normal price 9,99 €*  track listing . Video here
  • CD "Tule simmanile" (2011) special price: 8,99 € 
  • Track listing here , video here
  • CD "Kandlemees Sander Karu kandlelood" (2011) special price 8,99 €. track listing here demo  video here
Delivery expenses outside Estonia are added (approx 4,8 )

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Tell us your wish and we will be happy to help you !