Simmaniduo´s and Kandlemees Sander music and discography

Simmaniduo and Kandlemees Sander presents original and popular songs & tunes coming from different regions of Estonia and abroad. Using Estonian national instrument  - the zither (the table-harp) - gives Simmaniduo´s music a special colouring which is rather original in nowadays music.

The  zither (the table-harp, gusli, kantele, kokle, kanklės, citars) is Estonian national instrument (folk instrument). Kandlemees Sander ja Simmaniduo are using zithre, which have 55 strings and produced in Tallinn Piano Factory (Tallinna Klaverivabrikus) at the 80s of last century. They are using accoustic and electric zithre.

NEW vinyl record (LP) in May 2017! Kandlemees Sander "Kandlemuusika ja rahvalikud laulud simmanile" See more information

NEW album in June 2016! Kandlemees Sander "Kandlemuusika kogu perele". See more information

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In 2014 zitherist Kandlemees Sander released album "1 kannel ja rahvalikud laulud". Buy CD here  Slides here  Video here   Demo songs see here

In 2011 zitherist Kandlemees Sander released album "Kandlemees Sander Karu kandlelood". Video here

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In 2011 Simmaniduo released album "Tule simmanile"Video here

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In 1990 and 1992 two Simmaniduo´s tape-casette were released. 

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